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El mecanisme de la segona oportunitat

_Lawyers you can trust

_The legal protection you need


This is a specialised and innovative area required by the current use of modern Information and Communication technologies which are now presenting new challenges and seeking solutions which can only be attained through a combination of knowledge and expertise in practising and applying the law in this area.

  • ·        Internet and computer services
    • ·   Advising companies and organizations of all kinds on the adequacy of their web sites in accordance with the Information Society Services Act and Electronic Commerce (ISSA).
    • ·   Preparation of documents and legal disclaimer clauses, conditions of use and legal protection to be included in corporate websites
    • ·   Domain Names
      • o   Procedure for Domain Name Registration
      • o   Advice and measures to be taken concerning domain names and their relationship with trademarks.
      • o   Lawsuits or defense for domain name recovery with WIPO
    •  ·   Drafting contracts intended to provide support for their trade relations through Internet and computer services.
      • o Website development contracts.
      • o Content recruitment.
      • o Hosting and housing contracts.
      • o Computer Contracts.
    •  ·   Advice and measures to be taken regarding civil liability for the provision of Internet services.
    • ·   Advice and course of action concerning the liability of intermediary service of the Information Society


    • ·        Advice on the implementation and proper functioning of an electronic trading system that meets all the requirements and regulations derived from environment and distance contracting and, if necessary, to consumers.
    • ·        Internet access and web services
      • o   On-line sales (direct and indirect)
      • o   Content advice
      • o   Trade communications (advertising / sales promotion / the use of e-mail as an advertising means and its requirements).
    • ·        Advice on electronic trading and the drafting of documents, forms and contractual clauses.
    • ·        Advice on taxation derived from electronic commerce.
    • ·        Advice on electronic payment methods and its security.
    • ·        Advice on cryptography, electronic signature, means of personal identification.
    • ·        The (civil, contractual, etc.) responsibility derived from e-commerce activities.
    • ·        Consultation and advice to associations and business or institutional organizations.
    • ·        Measures to be taken before the Administration during Inspections or disciplinary procedure
    • ·        Course of action and advice for e-commerce users in defense of their interests as consumers or professionals.
    • ·        Course of action and judicial prosecutions in electronic commerce.
    • ·        Advice on codes of conduct and off-court settlements.


  • ·        Advice for companies and private or public entities regarding the protection of personal information provided.
    • o   Companies and private entities.
    • o   Public entities, municipalities, etc.
    • o   Associations, foundations, schools, sports clubs and other entities dealing with high numbers of personal data.
    • o   Small businesses and individuals that deal with personal data for commercial purposes.
    • o   Professional offices dealing with its customers’ personal data.
    •  ·        Evaluation of the level of legislation compliance in this area.
    • ·        Protocol development adapted to the LOPD and the Security Document and its implementation in the company or entity.
    • ·        Data protection in the area of video surveillance systems.
    • ·        File notification, modifications, cancellations before the Spanish Data Protection Agency and the Catalan Data Protection Agency. Drafting of forms and documents required by the regulations, with specific clauses relating to the processing of personal data.
    • ·        Advice and preparation of texts to exercise access rights, rectification, cancellation and opposition of private data as well as the submission of claims before the Spanish Data Protection Agency.
    • ·        Representation and legal defense for companies before administrative disciplinary proceedings initiated by the Spanish Data Protection Agency.
    • ·        Representation and legal defense in trials for individuals and companies concerning damage claim for the processing of personal data.
    • ·        Measures and data processing per account of those responsible for the file.
    • ·        Legal and computer security audit in dealing with data processing and system planning.


    • ·        Advice on the protection of copyright and Intellectual Property:
      • o Website design.
      • o Software.
      • o Website content, music, images, software, etc.
    •  ·        Contracts to transfer or relinquish rights.
    • ·        Deposit and Registration to the Register of Intellectual Property of Websites, computer programmes, databases and multimedia works.
    • ·        Notarial and escrow deposits.
    • ·        Practice of civil or criminal acts for the infringement of intellectual property rights, before appropriations, encroachments and illegal uses.


    • ·        Information Technology and Business Organization.
    • ·        The use of Internet, email and working relationships.
      • o   Aspects related to the control and discipline of the entrepreneur.
      • o   Using company media.
      • o   Aspects related to communications secrecy and privacy.
      • o   Damage caused by misuse of the media (computer viruses, computer intrusion, etc.)
    • ·        Telework and labor law. New forms of work provision.
    • ·        Intellectual property and works derived from the employment contract.
    • ·        Company personnel responsibility concerning the use of new technologies.
    • ·        Defense and proceedings before social jurisdiction regarding labour matters.


    • ·        Advice to companies and individuals regarding computer crime
      • o   Intrusion to computer systems.
      • o   Crimes against privacy.
      • o   Illegal access to personal data.
      • o   computer damage.
      • o   Computer fraud.
      • o   Falsity in electronic document.
      • o   Crimes against intellectual property.
      • o   Internet trafficking of illegal content, child pornography, etc.
    • • Criminal liability of service providers of the information society and intermediaries.
    • • Representation and defense in trials of individuals and companies concerning civil and criminal computer crimes.
    • • Special measures in illicit activities of minors.
      • o   Defense of children in juvenile court.
      • o   Measures to defend the victim.








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ENATIC is a State Association of lawyers specialized in information and communication technologies law.


The new regulation of Data protection in the EU comes into effect

04 May, 2016

The official journal of the European Union has published the European Data Protection regulations on May 4, 2016, which will be in effect from May 25, 2016 and will be mandatory and applied directly to all Member States as of 25th may 2018



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