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El mecanisme de la segona oportunitat

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Civil law

Civil law is a broad field in which at some point or another people have encountered and find themselves facing some act related to it, whether it be for either the purchase or sale of a property, acquiring a mortgage, the claim about damage and damages caused by any act or omission of a third party or company, family problems such as divorce or separation or the filing of lawsuits to enforce their rights.
TICJURIS ADVOCATS, SLP offers personalized advice in this field and conducts an analysis of the situation or problem so as to recommend a viable solution, calling upon the collaboration of the professionals of the office in order to implement the measures decided so as to obtain a successful result for all.

  • Advice and drafting of contracts.
  • Advice and acts in the field of ownership or possession.
  • Claims and civil liability defense.
  • Advice on probate, wills, estates and derivative acts.
  • Family law, divorces, paternity actions.
  • Exercise and defend the actions before the Judge and the Court.








Lastest news

Privacy in the use of email in a work environment

21 March, 2016

Article published by Pere Rius, partner of TICJURIS and member of ENATIC in ENATIC Blog.

ENATIC is a State Association of lawyers specialized in information and communication technologies law.


The new regulation of Data protection in the EU comes into effect

04 May, 2016

The official journal of the European Union has published the European Data Protection regulations on May 4, 2016, which will be in effect from May 25, 2016 and will be mandatory and applied directly to all Member States as of 25th may 2018



The use of Whatsapp between lawyers and their clients adapted to the Data Protection Act.

23 September, 2016

An articled posted on the ENATIC blog by lawyer, Pere Rius, Lawyer 2.0: The use of whatsapp between lawyers and their clients.

This article analyses whether the practice of the use of Whatspp is suited between lawyers and clients is adapted to the data protection act.



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